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Custom Made

Ready Made (Ready Stock)

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Custom Made Non-Woven Bag

Instead of buying a ready made non-woven bag, Green Storage can custom made a non-woven bag to your size. No matter what your size,we will make your non-woven bag totally conform to your measurement,so we can make a 100% quality promise. Our bag is local made in Malaysia.

Ready Made Non-Woven Bag (Ready Stock)

Our Ready Made non-woven bag is come with few sizes and colours. All the bags is ready in stock.

custom made non-woven bag ready made non-woven bag
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Custom Made Product Type

  • Standard Eco Bag / non woven bag
  • Flat Non-woven Bag with Base
  • Flat Non-woven Bag with Handle
  • Flat Non-woven Bag with Punch Hole
  • Mixing Color Eco Bag
  • Backpack style Eco Bag
  • Foldable bag with Button
  • Flat Non-woven Document Bag

We have various type of custom made non-woven bag (eco bag), we manufacture and supply non-woven bags in Malaysia, view our product page now to know more info.

- Standard non-woven bag (eco bag) - Flat non-woven bag (eco bag) mix handle color
- Non-woven bag (eco bag) mix handle color - Flat non-woven bag (eco bag) with base mix handle color
- Non-woven bag (eco bag) with piping - Flat non-woven bag (eco bag) with punch hole
- Non-woven bag (eco bag) mix gusset color - Non-woven bag (eco bag) with punch hole
- Non-woven bag (eco bag) mix handle and gusset color - Sling style non-woven bag
- Mixing color non-woven bag (eco bag) - Backpack style non-woven bag
- Non-woven bag (eco bag) with pocket - Drawstring pouch/bag (with Rose Stamp on Top)
- Non-woven bag (eco bag) with side pocket - Drawstring pouch/bag (without Rose Stamp on Top)
- Flat non-woven bag with base - Foldable non-woven bag with pocket (without button)
- Flat non-woven bag without base - Foldable non-woven bag with button
- Flat non-woven Document Bag - Non-woven Wine Bag
- Non-woven Document Bag - Non-woven Shoe Bag
- Non-woven bag (eco bag) with Button Strap
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non-woven fabric color art-requirement non-woven bag standard ordering non-woven bag

Fabric Color

We have lot of non-woven fabric color choices for your non-woven bag (eco bag), the fabric grammage that we have is start from:

  • 1. 75 gm
  • 2. 80 gm
  • 3. 90 gm
  • 4. 100 gm

Art Requirements

We only accept file as below:

1. Adobe Illustrator: .ai
2. Adobe Illustrator: .eps

Standard Size

For make it simple, we created 4 type of size for our customer to choose:

1. A5 Size
2. A4 Size
3. A3 Size
4. A2 Size

How to Order

Email your requirement as below to us get our quotation.

1. Product Type:
2. Size:
3. Printing color:
4. Fabric color:
5. Quantity:
6. Place to be Deliver:

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Ultrasonic Sewing Technology

We are highly recommended using ultrasonic sewing compare to thread sewing, the finishing is neat,tidy and environment friendly.

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100% Disposable Material - Non-Woven Fabric

After 3 to 5 years, a real recycle bag can be fully dispose. Here is the proof that we are using 100% disposable material.

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About Green Storage Malaysia

Green Storage Logo Green Storage mainly manufactures and supply eco-friendly Non-Woven Bag and eco bag.Our non-woven bag (eco bag) is good in quality and price competitive in Malaysia.We offer non-woven bag (eco bag)with customized printing in various designs sizes and colours at very competitive prices. All company logos can be silk-screen printed and heat transfer.

Other than eco friendlynon-woven bag and eco bag,We also supply Lanyards with custom printing.

Why you need Non-woven bag(Eco bag)?

Non-woven bag (eco bag) have become more popular because of their reusability and durability. Many of our customer have been using non-woven bag (eco bag) as cost effective marketing tools for promoting their products. They print company logo on our non-woven bag (eco bag) and give to their customer so customers will reuse it over and over.

Don't know what is Non-woven bag (eco bag)?

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